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Zero Gravity Flight

The ZERO-G Experience™ is an amazing opportunity to experience true weightlessness.  ZERO-G’s modified Boeing 727-200, G-FORCE ONE™, performs parabolic arcs to create a weightless environment allowing you to float, flip and soar as if you were in space.

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[The ZERO-G Experience™ is offered through Space Adventures' subsidiary company, Zero Gravity Corporation.]


  • Experience true weightlessness;
  • Flights available in cities across the US;
  • $4,950 + 5% tax per person;
  • Private flights available.

How It Works

Aboard a specially modified Boeing 727-200, G-FORCE ONE™, weightlessness is achieved by doing aerobatic maneuvers known as parabolas. Specially trained pilots perform these aerobatic maneuvers which are not simulated in any way. ZERO-G passengers experience true weightlessness.

Parabola Still Image

Before starting a parabola, G-FORCE ONE™ flies level to the horizon at an altitude of 24,000 feet. The pilots then begins to pull up, gradually increasing the angle of the aircraft to about 45° to the horizon reaching an altitude of 34,000 feet. During this pull-up, passengers will feel the pull of 1.8 Gs. Next the plane is “pushed over” to create the zero gravity segment of the parabola. For the next 20-30 seconds everything in the plane is weightless. Next a gentle pull-out is started which allows the flyers to stabilize on the aircraft floor. This maneuver is repeated 12-15 times, each taking about ten miles of airspace to perform.

In addition to achieving zero gravity, G-FORCE ONE™ also flies a parabola designed to offer Lunar gravity (one sixth your weight) and Martian gravity (one third your weight). This is created by flying a larger arc over the top of the parabola.

G-FORCE ONE™ flies in a FAA designated airspace that is approximately 100 miles long and ten miles wide. Usually three to five parabolas are flown consecutively with short periods of level flight between each set.


  • Pre and post flight catering;
  • ZERO-G merchandise including a flight suit;
  • Transportation to/from training venue from/to aircraft;
  • 15 parabolic maneuvers each creating approximately 30 seconds of reduced gravity;
  • Professional photos of your ZERO-G Experience™;
  • Certificate of Weightless Completion.

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